UWGCR Committees


  • Norm Brumblay, President
  • Garnett Ladd, Campaign Chair
  • Jim Manning, Vice President
  • Michelle Dickerson, Secretary
  • Kyle Luther, Treasurer
  • Tom Kane, At Large Member
  • Lauren Winters, At Large Member
  • Darryl Nelson, At Large Member

Personnel (Part of Executive Committee, meets as needed)
Finance/Audit (meets monthly) Reviews monthly financial statements and brings the key financial report to the Board or Executive Committee. Works as needed with auditors. Will review audit findings prior to the full board report. UW Team Members: CEO, Accountant

  • Kyle Luther, Chair
  • Lauren Winters
  • Tom Kane
  • Angie Gardner
  • Jeff Henley

Bylaws (Meets monthly for a few months and then as needed) Begins the process to review the bylaws and note articles that need to be amended. Reports findings to the full board. UW Team Member: CEO

  • Amy Eley, Chair
  • Carol Clark
  • Kathy Ellis

Admissions (Meets once a year when applicable) Will review new agency admission packets and make acceptance decisions (Allocated or Designated). UW Team Member: CEO

  • Sabrina Joiner, Chair
  • James Corlew
  • Katherine Purnell
  • Alan McCampbell

Nominating (meets once a year) Identifies new board member candidates and makes recommendations to the full board. Also makes recommendations for At-Large Members to serve on the Executive Committee.

  • TBD

Building (meets as needed) Assesses building needs and makes decisions about repairs. Works closely with staff to develop a list of in-kind donors to help in the repair process. UW Team Members: CEO, Director of Finance

  • Currently Inactive

B&A Committee (meets in April and May each year) Co-Chaired by President and Vice President. Community members are enlisted in March of each year to complete the process of reviewing United Way funded (partner) agencies. Eight to Ten sub-committees (panels) with 5 to 8 members per committee are needed to thoroughly review all agencies. UW Team Leaders: Executive Director & Campaign Director / VP will report on this committee

  • Norm Brumblay, Co-chair
  • Jim Manning, Co-chair
  • Panel Volunteers

B&A Oversight Review Committee:

  • Ben Carroll
  • John Patterson
  • Beau Baggett
  • Amy Eley
  • Darryl Nelson
  • Cindy Baggett

Volunteer Engagement-Strengthens community impact of UWGCR through efforts to recruit volunteers and connect with opportunities to serve in the community, including support of special projects and programs. UW Team Members: CEO, Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Shawn Molsberger, Chair
  • Martias Kendrick
  • Kathee Marco
  • Victoria Montgomery
  • Sabrina Ferrell-Robinson

Campaign Cabinet (Team Captains, Resource Development, Campaign Coordinators, Leadership Giving Team) Develop & implement plans that would allow new donor growth (individual and corporate.) Resource Development also includes Endowments/Planned Giving/Events…UW Team Members: CEO and Resource Development Director. Campaign Chair reports on this committee

  • TBD

Resource Development (meets monthly and as needed) Develop & implement plans to increase donor growth (individual and corporate). Resource Development also includes Endowments/Planned Giving/Events…UW Team Members: CEO, Resource Development Director

  • Garnett Ladd, Chair
  • Geoff Livingston
  • Carol Daniels
  • Kathy Ellis
  • David Meddick

Marketing (meets monthly or as needed – part of Campaign Cabinet) Works closely with Campaign Chair and staff to prepare campaign materials for kick-off. Develops marketing plan to raise awareness and dollars during the campaign period as well as throughout the year.

  • Elizabeth Black, Chair
  • Lee Erwin
  • Benita Martin
  • Kim Robertson

Special Events (meets as needed – part of Campaign Cabinet) Assists with planning, coordination and hosting of special events throughout the year and campaign. UW Team Members: CEO, Resource Development Director & Volunteer Coordinator

  • Garnett Ladd, Chair