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Leadership Societies

Leadership Society members are United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region’s most generous supporters and our community’s strongest advocates.  We invite you to help guide our community into change through the following Leadership Giving Societies:

Alexis de Tocqueville Society

Alexis de Tocqueville, a 19th-century French writer, visited the United States in the 1800s and praised our country’s willingness to come together in times of need.  He published his observations in Democracy in America in 1835.

To celebrate the recognized volunteer spirit of Americans, United Way honors the exceptional generosity of those giving $10,000 or more with membership in the Alexis de Tocqueville Society.

Tocqueville members

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Turner

Cumberland Society

United Way’s First leadership society which was established in 1986 for investors contributing $1,000 to $9,999 annually. Each year, members receive a commemorative piece of art commissioned especially for Cumberland Society members. Members also receive an invitation to exclusive annual events.

Gold members ($5,000 – $9,999)

Mr. Alan Fullerton
Mr. Don Jenkins

Silver members ($2,500 – $4,999)

Mr. Herb Baggett
Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp
Mr. Michael Buchanan

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kimbrough, Sr.

Mr. Ben S. Kimbrough
Dori and Geoff Livingston
Mr. Jeff Turner

Medallion members ($1,000 – $2,499)
Justin Aldred
George Archer
Dustin Arney
Billy Atkins
Toni Atkins
Cindy Baggett
Thomas Bates
Arthur Baugh
Keith Bennett
Carylon Benson
William Benson
Robert Bevans
Skye Biggar
Greg Booth
Michael Bradberry
Norm Brumblay
Lori Buchanan
Brian Burkeen
Jason Butler
Ben Carroll
Mark Catri
Crickett Channell
Carol Clark
Chrissy Crickard
Mark Davis
Krista Davis
Brian Delestowicz
Serena Dertz
Scott Donnellan
Laura Ender
Nicole Espostio
Tony Eugene
Robert Foster
Elaine Foust
Anthony Garrison
Sara Gissel
Shawn Gordy
Westly Hahn
Dr. Carlette Hardin
Phil Harpel
Timothy Heatherly
James Holleman
Ginna and Rob Holleman
Deshaye Hollis
Shawn Howard
Vivian Howe
Cody Jerrolds
Eric Johnston
Janice Jones
Thomas Kane
Stephen Kemmer
Jeung Kim
Casandra Kitchen
Suzanne Langford
Tara Lovely
Ricky Lumpkin
Kyle Luther
Kenneth McGhee
Dr. Harriett McQueen
Latonya Mims
Paul Morgan
Cecil Morgan
Merri Nanny
Darryl Nelson
Samantha Ninnemann
John Olson
Sydney Overdorf
Carolyn Pierce
Mike Rainey
Christopher Randolph
Dr. Carmen Reagan
Dylan Reams
Calvin Richards
Dr. Tim Roads
Lawrence Schulz
Matthew Schutter
Roger Secrest
Timothy Schaffer
Judge Wayne Shelton
Jason Shoulders
Tilly and Don Shrader
Shan Smith
Timothy Sparks
Stephen Springer
Brad Taylor
Johnny Tubbs
David Vernich
Tim Welker
Jason West
Zachary Willbanks
Lynn Wilson
Christine Young

Red River Chapter

Investors contributing $500 to $999 earn this distinction and are recognized annually for their gift.

Red River members ($500 – $999)
Becky Adames
Jay Albertia
Bradley Aldred
Dianne All
Kevin Allen
Scott Atkins
Jill Ayers
Beau BaggettLuke Baggett
Scott Bagwell
Robert Barker
Rebecca Bartlett
Jeff Bateman
Michael Batson
Gage Bennett
Ashley Bennington
Jasmine Bey
Nebra Brinkley
Michael Blackwell
Stewart Bland
C. Nelson Boehms
Alan Bonnin
Stephen Bradley
Trudie Brelsford
Michelle Brody
Khrystin Browning
Bob Bruce
Kurt Bryant
Angelia & Shane Butts
Jamie Byard
Karen Byrd
Sherryl Byrd
Christy Caudill
Christopher Clinard
Randy Clouser
Gerald Cooksey
James Cornelius
Andrew Craft
Ted Crozier
Jessica Davidson
Robin Davis
Chris Davis
LaDarius Davis
Katie Dedell
Kyle Donald
Harold Doss
Mayor Jim Durrett
Maggie Dyer
Amy Eley
Barry Elliott
Kathy Ellis
Michael Evans
Kelly Fickes
Jason Fielder
Charles Fordham
Melissa Gatewood
Roger Gilbert
Robert Giles
Tracy Gillespie
Mary Glover-Wright
Lesa Goder
Brian Goodwin
Mark Grady
Lisa Grasty
Shannon Green
Edgar Groves
Josh Gustason
Melanie Hadley
Randall Hall
John Halliburton
Albert Hargis
Adascia Harris
Kathleen Hayes
Kim & Larry Head
Jack Head
Janet Henon
Tom Henry
Eric Herndon
Rosa Higgs
Ronald Hollis
Tiffany Hubbard
Darrell Huffman
Tommy Jarrett
Fran Jenkins
Scott Jensen
Randall Johns
Rufus Johnson
Sabrina Joiner
Samuel Jones
Kevin Judish
Paul Justiniano
David Kanervo
Vivian & Robert Keel
Darin Keenan
James Keeter
Cynthia Kennedy
Tabitha Kohlhase
Stephen Kowalski
Jeanette Kramer
W. Garnett Ladd, III
Cheryl Lankford
Elizabeth Lark
Robert Lee
Floyd Lehman
Larry Levin
Timothy Lewis
Christie Litchfield
Keisha Little
Leah Luck
Lawson Mabry
Amelia Magette
James Manning
Dorothy Manning
Kathleen Marco
Jeff Marks
Henry Martin
Bailey Martin
Alan McCampbell
Victoria McCarthy
Patrick McCarver
James McCutchen
Hayse McGahey
Tony McGuire
Josh Miller
Ches Misso
William Moseley
Terry Nesmith
Reggie Newton
Cynthia Nix
Rocky Noland
Williard Nunn
Daniel Payment
Warren Pedigo
Ed Pennington
Jackelyn Perkins
John Perry
Christopher Phillips
Joe Pitts
Lyman Pleasant
Julee Poole
Craig Porter
Nicholas Potter
Diana Purdy
Antoine Ray
Nell Rayburn
Cody Reems
Bruce Redman
Pete Reed
Wheaton Riggs
Tracy Rivera
Seth Roberts
Michael Rudolph
John Rudolph
Erica Samson
Camille Santora
Pat Sawyer
Timothy Setser
Dwayne Shelton
Ron Sleigh
Tina Sloan
Ty Smith
William Snyder
Joseph Snyder
Patricia Spencer
Phelon Spencer
Erica Starkey
Yolanda Stewart
Jeremiah Smith
William Stuard
Wesley Sumner
Melody Swindall
Jeffrey Taylor
Ronald Toutges
Kojiro Torisu
Tim Towns
James Townsend
Gregory Tramel
Diamond Trice
Dwayne Tyler
Crystal Van Dalsem
Geraldine Van Dunk
Laurie Vinson
Gregory Vlach
Hugh Vowell
Carol Walker
Ashley Wall
Grady Waller
Sharon Ward Hermes
James Watson
Stephanie Watson
Jeffrey Wellington
Ashley Wendell
Fred & Elizabeth Wilbourn
Jay Wilburn
Terrie Williams
Mariann Williams
Kerrie Wilson
Valerie Woodby
William Wyatt
Jason York
Gregory Zieren

Giving Options and Criteria

  • Leadership gifts must be designated to United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region and/or one of our partner agencies.
  • Donors may use payroll deduction or scheduled payments to fulfill the pledge obligation.
  • The giving of husband and wife may be combined to qualify for membership.
  • Donors may request that their membership and giving be kept confidential.