FamilyWizeFamilyWize essentially acts like a huge consumer group buying service for the uninsured and underinsured.  The discounts and savings on medications are provided voluntarily by the more than 61,000 participating pharmacies that have agreed to provide prices similar to what they give large insurance companies and employers. The participating pharmacies get more business, in three ways:

  • FamilyWize directs people with FamilyWize cards to their stores;
  • People are able to fill more of their prescriptions because of the savings;
  • People often buy other things when they go into the store to get their prescriptions.

Lowering the cost of medication enables more people to get the medicine they need and increases patient adherence. Taking medication as prescribed reduces illness, complications, disease progression, and related healthcare costs. These reduce costs to the patient, the family, the employer and the community are far greater even than the cost of the medicine.

United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region-FamilyWize Partnership helped save local residents $1,893,729 in Healthcare Costs in 2012.

  • Individuals can contact United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region to get a card, text “family” to 700700 for a text version of the card or visit to print a card and compare discounted drug prices at the different participating pharmacies.