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There will never be Equity without Equal Access to Justice

United Way Worldwide, Alexandria VA There will never be Equity without Equal Access to Justice BRIAN GALLAGHER,  MAY 29 2020 I’m outraged by what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis. Every day there are killings, incidents and mistreatment of black people in the United States. Yet society’s silence and inaction only continue. While more and more … Continue reading "There will never be Equity without Equal Access to Justice"

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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold within our communities, United Way of Greater Clarksville Region has been working with our partner agencies, community leaders and volunteers to quickly and strategically respond to the community’s growing needs. Individuals and families are and will continue to be negatively impacted by this crisis as businesses close or reduce their hours to safeguard against COVID-19. The economic impact will be felt by everyone, especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck or on fixed incomes.

United Way advocates for the education, health and financial stability of local residents. We are more than fundraisers. We are the hand-raisers. The action takers. It takes us all playing our part to strengthen our community from the inside out.

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