When a donation is made to your local United Way it supports only programs in your local community. Contributions to the United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region are used only for programs in the regional community of Montgomery, Houston, and Stewart Counties and the Fort Campbell area.

All United Ways submit funds to the United Way of America. Approximately 1% of your local United Way’s annual revenue is paid to the national organization for membership dues – none of these funds are used by the United Way of America to support any agency – they are used to support the cost of the membership benefits they receive through United Way of America as one of their affiliates. As referenced *in the United Way of America’s Audit,* — which is performed by independent auditors and available to the public — “UWA receives annual membership support through a licensing arrangement with local United Ways to use the name and service marks owned by UWA. Membership support calculations are performed by all member organizations and payments are made from donor contributions.  If any local United Way does not remit membership support, the organization’s right to use the name and service marks may be revoked.”

United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region maintains a low percentage of administrative expenses of approximately 15%.  This adheres to United Way Worldwide standards and compares favorably with local non-profit health and human service organizations.

If you would like a copy of this United Way’s finances, please contact our office to request.  These forms are filed with the IRS and, as federal, legal documents are not altered in any way. For more information or questions, please call your local United Way at (931) 647-4291.

Audited Financial Statements

Form 990s