United Way + Montgomery County Provide CharityTracker

October 3, 2017


Together in partnership, United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region and Montgomery County are providing CharityTracker Plus at NO COST to any service provider in the community.  We all share a like mission to help those in need and create a positive impact in our community.

With limited resources available, this collective mission is best achieved when local providers work hand in hand.  CharityTracker is an easy to use, web-based program.  It allows community organizations and churches to become better connected and more efficient in our service by:

  • Sharing a wide array of valuable information;
  • Rapidly identifying needs and mobilizing resources;
  • Preventing duplication of services;
  • Encouraging better accountability and efficiency;
  • Instantly broadcasting area wide bulletins and alerts; and
  • Generating accurate statistics and detailed reports.

The application’s success lies in community wide participation.  To facilitate this engagement, United Way of the Greater Clarksville Region will serve as the Network Administrator and offer free training and support.  The service will be provided to an unlimited number of users in our community.   For those already subscribing, your plan will be provided at no cost upon your renewal.

Interested agencies and churches are invited to attend an informational demonstration/training on October 24, 2017 at 10:00am in the Community Room of Capital Bank (25 Jefferson Street, Clarksville).   At this session, you will learn the features of Charity Tracker, how to join, and how to incorporate it within your organization/church. For more information about CharityTracker prior to the session, visit www.charitytracker.net.