Greg and Roy’s Story

June 16, 2016

BBBS success picsGreg was introduced to Big Brothers Big Sisters in 2014 when his father learned of the opportunity through the Mentoring Children of Prisoner’s Program. At 30 years of age, his mother had been struggling to raise and provide for he and his five siblings, ranging in age from 6 to 14. She had a part time job, very little furniture and had recently relocated to Clarksville from Memphis to be closer to family and raise the children where the crime rate is lower. The move took the family farther away from the children’s father, making it difficult for them to visit him in prison.

At age 9, Greg was withdrawn, extremely introverted, struggling more than his siblings in school and seemed to disappear in his chaotic household. He barely spoke during his assessment with Big Brother Big Sisters and although the weather was warm, he insisted on wearing a winter coat with a hood. The immediate goals for Greg were to improve his self-esteem, improve his academic performance, and encourage him to become more talkative and comfortable around people outside his home.

Greg was soon introduced to his Big Brother, Roy. At first, Greg never talked on during fun outings and activities. Roy would help him with is school work, encourage him to do well and remain positive. He checked in on Greg and the family frequently. Roy and his church members even helped furnish their home. Eventually, Greg began to open up to his new friend. He is now an honor roll student and talks openly with Roy and others. He asks Roy for help with homework, friends and advice that he can’t get from his mom or older brothers. Because of Roy’s valuable role in his life, Greg has shed the coat from which he was hiding and now stands tall and walks with a purpose.



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