Mark and Cecily’s Story

December 20, 2016


Parenting can be very challenging, especially when blending two families. Shortly after marrying, Mark and Cecily noticed just how difficult it can be both working high-stress jobs and learning to integrate very different views on child rearing. Their parenting skills were quickly tested after one of their children began to exhibit extreme “melt-downs” and other behavioral problems. The newlyweds’ marriage and family suffered as they struggled to find a common ground to discipline the child.

That’s when the family was referred to the Nurturing Parenting program at Catholic Charities. This free program helps prevent child abuse and neglect by educating and supporting at-risk parents. The six week program helps reinforce the strengths of parent and familial relationships, explains how to use positive alternative disciplinary actions, teaches how to develop a family routine, and increases nurturing actions with children.

Upon program completion, both parents saw incredible improvement in their child’ s behavior, more positive interactions among all family members, and better communication and support for each other as parents. Mark explains, “I learned so much and appreciate my son and family more than I ever have before.”

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