United Methodist Urban Ministries SafeHouse

July 24, 2012

Sue (not her real name) and her two young children entered shelter after Sue’s husband had choked her repeatedly. He had done this many times before, and this time she realized that he would kill her if she stayed with him. She was attending a local community college and was one month away from finishing the requirements for her associates accounting degree. Her father lived in another state and told that she and the children could come to live with him, but she wanted to finish her schoolwork as she had put much time and effort into it. Sue stayed in shelter for thirty days, attended support groups,
received individual counseling sessions, and obtained an Order of Protection. One of her children attended daycare and the other child was enrolled in elementary school. The children continued their extracurricular activities including dance lessons and participated in the end of the year dance recital.

Although she faced many challenges, Sue finished her school requirements and graduated with honors while in shelter. At the end of her thirty day stay, she was able to return to her home as her husband moved out. She and the children did not have to move out of state to stay with her father. She applied and was hired in the accounting department of a local business. She is now able to support herself and her two children.